Commander Salamander: Origin Story
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Commander Salamander: Origin Story

In this newest episode of Salt Force One, the Salty crew gets the origin story from Commander Salamander. We discuss writing criticism to power, anonymously and otherwise. There is some chatter about yesteryear’s Navy, today’s cancel culture and dabble a bit on Maj. Mathew L. Golsteyn. There was a Jack McCain mustache reference too, which… Keep Reading

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I Sent the Navy a Happy Birthday Text – It Did Not Go Well

This post originally appeared on the USNI blog here. Soooo… apparently the Navy’s birthday was yesterday? Yeah, I totally forgot. I was too busy brainlessly binging free video games on Steam (or whatever it is you guys assume millennials do all weekend).  Anyway, I texted the Navy to wish it a happy belated birthday. It,… Keep Reading

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New Salt Force One Episode

Rust is all gone and the Salt is back. We discuss Satan’s ascent in the Navy, Jesus’s potential descent and blueberries igniting like gas-soaked-rags. Jimmy makes sure to sprinkle in some happy Navy news. Keep Reading

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America’s Concept for Reestablishing Our Navy’s Youthful Maritime Supremacy (ACRONYMS)

This post originally appeared on the USNI blog here. A few weeks ago, our favorite Reptile of Guile, CDR Salamander, highlighted an amazing new acronym the Navy’s FY20 30-year Maintenance and Modernization Plan: the Navy the Nation Needs (NNN). Brilliant. Sal exhorted us to stop making up so many silly acronyms, but I disagree. I think we… Keep Reading

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Salt Force One Returns

We heard your desperate cries and are delivering the goods. Sit down with the crew of Salt Force One while they attempt to remember how to talk and think simultaneously. Keep Reading

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Excel_Article_V5_REV2_EDITED_090519 (FOR DISTRO)

At The Salty Herald, we get feedback from the fleet all the time. Occasionally, people send me drafts that are just flat better than anything I could ever write. I usually delete these and tell them to stick to their day job. In this rare case, I decided to let Lieutenant Blake Herzinger give us his thoughts on that… Keep Reading

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