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GAO Report: Navy Routinely Buys Defective Ships

Apparently, we’re OK with ships that suck. Here are a few excerpts from yesterday’s article on Roll Call, a Congressional news website: “Contrary to the Navy’s own policy, and despite spending nearly $16 billion on average in each of the last 30 years on new warships, most U.S. combat vessels are delivered from private shipbuilders… Keep Reading

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Salty Review: The Bad Day Scenario

This post originally appeared on the USNI Blog here. I’ve been called the intellectual equivalent of a kid squirting adults with a water gun. That’s not fair. I’m just as annoying to kids too. People have even said I couldn’t debate the merits of chunky versus smooth peanut butter. Ridiculous. Smooth is better. Chunky is… Keep Reading

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Ugh, Generation Z is the Worst

Hey Midshipmen! You all need to CHILL. OUT. Publishing articles about how we can do better in the Navy before you’re even commissioned? Seriously, not cool, bros and bro-ettes. You Gen-Z’ers need to get onboard and get in line. Expressing your views freely is NOT / NOT / NOT / NOT how we do things… Keep Reading

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