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Tidying Up: Navy Edition

This post originally appeared on the U.S. Naval Institute Blog here. People tell me I’m too negative. I AM NOT!! Buuuuut . . . I’m beginning to wonder: do I focus on what’s wrong too much? Don’t misunderstand me, I have plenty of reasons to be salty. We still haven’t paid the Coast Guard. We… Keep Reading

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The Bad Day Scenario, Part 1

This post was originally published by the Center for International Maritime Security here. At 0830 Monday morning “BREAKING NEWS” banners start flooding cable news broadcasts, home pages, and Twitter feeds, but the headlines are not all telling the same story. One network reports a British-flagged crude oil tanker suffered a catastrophic explosion in the Strait… Keep Reading

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Friendly Reminder

It’s time to lose your mind and hate somebody. Don’t wait for facts, just start ruining lives and showing your power. After all, people don’t deserve to live their own lives unless they live the way you want them to live! * *For the love of all dieties, please understand the sarcasm. Keep Reading

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Passing the Eye Candy Test

Excerpt from NAVADMIN 265/18: “This NAVADMIN cancels reference (a) and reinstates the requirement to display the Official Photograph for all Officer Selection Boards.  This policy change is the result of board feedback received since the removal of the photograph requirement that the photographs aid the board’s ability to assess the Title 10 requirements of an… Keep Reading

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Somebody’s Doing the Raping: Misandry Through Rape Culture

Girls require strong guidance from their mothers to prevent them from becoming total sluts, an unfair temptation for the boys and men in this world. This is why slut-shaming is so frowned upon; it’s just their predetermined destiny without proper intervention. Please act now for the good of humanity. Totally ridiculous, right? That’s pretty offensive… Keep Reading

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