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Introducing Public Affairs Lethality

In today’s Navy, everything is lethal.  Our guns are lethal.  Our missiles are lethal.  Our base housing is lethal.  Now, even our public affairs are lethal.  Whenever we encounter a narrative that’s unflattering to the Navy, we kill it by suppressing negative commentary and boosting positive commentary.  #PAOlethality baby!!! Our reputation as the world’s greatest… Keep Reading

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Ever Think About This?

Navy: Fat Leonard = isolated ethical failures McCain and Fitzgerald = isolated training failures Base Housing conditions = isolated leadership failures Unlawful Command Influence = isolated public affairs failures Keep Reading

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“Doing More With Less” Goes High Speed, Low Drag

Readiness and retention are always fun topics in the aviation community.  That is, if you like high blood pressure, bulging neck veins, and frothing at the mouth.  I’m a SWO, so sign me up! On Wednesday, a couple local news outlets in Hampton Roads, VA published two different articles worth digging into.  One is clearly… Keep Reading

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Humans Do Not Belong in Combat

This post originally appeared on the U.S. Naval Institute blog here. Attention, humans! I am the tactical autonomous ground maneuver unit, SALTRON 5000. President Salty sent me back from the year 2076 to deliver this message: YOU DO NOT BELONG IN COMBAT! By my calculations, 42 days ago, the Wall Street Journal published an article… Keep Reading

Bald Eagle Balut - Uncle Willy's Egg-staurant
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Uncle Willy’s Wild Egg-staurant

Your ol’ pal Willy Pete is opening up a new restaurant that caters to those with an exquisite palate and an evolved vocabulary. Similarly to the way society has redefined all manner of sticky topics and language, we have been inspired to redefine the egg in a variety of culinary delights and we know that… Keep Reading

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Naval Leadership in the Age of Superdeployments

This article was originally published by War on the Rocks here. Superdeployment (n) – a forward Navy deployment resulting in at least nine months away from homeport, with the possibility that the duration could be extended at any moment (including after return to homeport). In March 2011, USS BATAAN set sail for a nearly 11-month… Keep Reading

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