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New Salt Force One Episode

Rust is all gone and the Salt is back. We discuss Satan’s ascent in the Navy, Jesus’s potential descent and blueberries igniting like gas-soaked-rags. Jimmy makes sure to sprinkle in some happy Navy news. Keep Reading

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America’s Concept for Reestablishing Our Navy’s Youthful Maritime Supremacy (ACRONYMS)

This post originally appeared on the USNI blog here. A few weeks ago, our favorite Reptile of Guile, CDR Salamander, highlighted an amazing new acronym the Navy’s FY20 30-year Maintenance and Modernization Plan: the Navy the Nation Needs (NNN). Brilliant. Sal exhorted us to stop making up so many silly acronyms, but I disagree. I think we… Keep Reading

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Salt Force One Returns

We heard your desperate cries and are delivering the goods. Sit down with the crew of Salt Force One while they attempt to remember how to talk and think simultaneously. Keep Reading

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Excel_Article_V5_REV2_EDITED_090519 (FOR DISTRO)

At The Salty Herald, we get feedback from the fleet all the time. Occasionally, people send me drafts that are just flat better than anything I could ever write. I usually delete these and tell them to stick to their day job. In this rare case, I decided to let Lieutenant Blake Herzinger give us his thoughts on that… Keep Reading

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The Low-Water Mark

This post originally appeared on the USNI Blog here. I was doing pretty well. Doing my goat yoga. Thinking positively about our culture. Seeing an upward trend. New CNO. New outlook on life. Future so bright I had to wear shades . . . that sorta thing. Then I read that the Navy is convening a Board… Keep Reading

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Definitely Do NOT #BoycottBates!

This post originally appeared on the USNI Blog here. Millennials in the Navy really are needy. They want their spouses to be able to pursue their own career. They complain about having to go into debt to cover bills while their pay is delayed for months on end (start a Gofundme, snowflake!). They expect their shoes to not explode.… Keep Reading

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A Breach of Faith: The Navy Must Fix the Way it Pays Mobilizing Reservists

This article is written by guest author Lieutenant Blake Herzinger, and originally appeared on CDR Salamander’s blog here. The US Navy Reserve is failing its deploying Sailors by sending them forward into harm’s way with administrative burdens that damage financial standing, negatively impact their families at home, and detract from readiness. These problems begin at… Keep Reading

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