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La Cosa Nostra in Khakis

Editor’s Note: From time to time, we will publish anonymous content from the Fleet, which we believe adds value to the conversation on making the Navy better. We still believe the best way to publicly offer criticism of your own team is to stand proudly and put your name on the line, but we acknowledge… Keep Reading

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Salty Crashes the Uniform Board

This post originally appeared on the USNI Blog here. In a shadowy, torch-lit supply storeroom, a circle of silhouetted figures doff their boat cloaks, revealing an assortment of naval officers all in different uniforms. On the Uniform Board, officers are identified and ranked by the uniform they wear. The senior board member wears Service Dress… Keep Reading

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An Open Letter to the Sailors of USS John S. McCain

This post originally appeared on the USNI Blog here. Shipmates, First, apologies are in order. I apologize for feeding into a media narrative that has caused you to become objects in a political game. I’ve tweeted and posted, and here I am writing this blog post, all because I was outraged by images, articles, and… Keep Reading

Matson’s new vessel ‘Daniel K. Inouye’
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Salt Force One – Through a Mariner’s Eyes

Sal Mercogliano joins your salty saviors to discuss the state of our seas in terms of navigating ongoing action on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Sal (who “isn’t” Commander Salamander)has a few other thoughts for you to chew on, this Memorial Day. Keep Reading

Salt Force One - You Can't Handle the Truth
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Salt Force One – You Can’t Handle the Truth!

We’ve been lost at sea, but we have returned to the mics. If you have not yet listened to our conversation with Cmdr. Justin Henderson, attorney for Cmdr. Bryce Benson in the aftermath of the USS Fitzgerald collision, please give that a listen. To warm up the pipes before our next guest, Salty and the… Keep Reading

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The Caine Mutiny 2019: #NavyLegality

This post originally appeared on the USNI Blog here. Following the death of Herman Wouk last week, authorities reportedly discovered that he had recently completed a modern update to his 1951 classic, The Caine Mutiny.  The new story follows Ensign Keith and Lieutenant Maryk as they try to survive the tormenting command of Commander Queeg… Keep Reading

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